Who are virtual tours suitable for?

Virtual tours are perfect for any industry that uses, changes, communicates or markets real places. If you are dealing with real estate, we are the right partner for your company.

How do I integrate my virtual tour into my website?

You will receive a code snippet from us, which you can easily integrate into your website.

How do I use 360 photos and videos for my marketing?

There are many possible uses. Immersive content is great for extending your content marketing strategies.

Do my visitors have to install plug-ins or extra software so that they can see my virtual tour?

No, every modern web browser can play our virtual tours.

What devices can customers use to view my 360 ° content?

Virtual tours, 360-degree photos and 360-degree videos can be played on all devices without any problems. No matter whether desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC, smartphone or VR glasses.

How long does the shoot take?

Depending on the size of your object, the shoot lasts between 3 hours up to several days.

How long does the post-production take?

Depending on the number of images and content between one day to seven days.

Why should I use 360 ° photos and videos?

Immersive content offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience their surroundings digitally. A real authentic experience enables their customers to make a better decision based on their own experience.

How can I updated my tour?

Just send us all the information that we should change in your tour. We will update your virtual tour within 24 hours.

Ask us for further details!